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Areas We Serve

Washington, D.C.

Northern Virginia

Maryland (Prince George's County)

Kingston, Jamaica

Ocho Rios, Jamaica


South Metro Scholastic Foundation was organized in January 2009 with its primary focus of providing school supplies for our students at the beginning of the school year.  Donations came in from private donors and organizations that embraced our vision.  Our goal each year is to surpass our own expectations and to increase our giving, year after year.  In addition, the foundation will provide  internships and scholarships to students seeking secondary education through State Universities and Vocational Training Schools.   Throughout the years, South Metro Scholastic Foundation has taken a more holistic approach to education. 


In addition to learning, we discovered that students were in needs basic items such as food, clothing and shelter…things that most of us take for granted.  As a result,  we have created a food pantry, clothing closet and has formed partnerships with organizations that can provide assistance when needed.

Our goal at South Metro Scholastic Foundation is to meet the needs of our students; to strengthen families; and building communities, one child at a time.

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